Quechua NH100 20L Backpack Review


Today we’re taking a look at the Quechua NH100 20L Backpack. This backpack is the updated version of the Quechua Arpenaz 20L that I reviewed here (click the link in the top right to view). The NH100 is overall a much better backpack with a couple of improvements that I like and make it much more usable overall. It’s also very light weight at 16.5oz (470g).

The main difference and improvement is that there’s a firm plastic insert in the back panel backed with soft padding. This means that no matter what you pack it wont press up against your back and cause any discomfort. And the back will be more comfortable for longer periods of wear. There are 2 cinch cords on either side of the bag too. This helps you to compress the contents a bit further when you load up the bag. There’s 3 attachment loops on the front of the bag which can be useful for carrying certain items. Especially if you use a small carabiner.

On the inside there’s a large main compartment with a sleeve down the back which can fit a laptop or books. Up the top is a stash pocket for small items which is very handy to have. Around on the front is a single zippered front pocket. The straps are thick and well padded with thumb loops and a built in sternum strap. I didn’t really like the way the strap adjusts on the vertical plane though. It doesn’t smoothly slide up or down. So it was a little bit annoying having to slide it back up again without anything to hold them in place.

The bags material is somewhat water resistant but the bag is not waterproof. Water can get into the zippers and seams so I wouldn’t suggest using this bag in wet weather. The bag is listed at 20L in capacity and I find this to be a great overall capacity for a wide range of activities. I was able to fit my camera packing cube, nintendo switch, a couple of packing cubes, tech pouch and laptop with room to spare.

The price comes in at about USD$14 (AUD$20 or GBP 8). Which is really an amazing price for such a well made bag that feels very durable and has all the features that it has. I like the nice black colour with a faint pattern in the front. For comparison this is the Khaki colour. I didn’t like the Khaki colour as much but there are actually several more colours available on the Decathlon website. Some countries have more colours available than others.

Overall a great backpack that would be great for a school bag, hiking bag, travel bag, day pack or anything you can think of. I would recommend it if you’re in the market for a new inexpensive day bag or just a bag for daily travel. 


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