Quechua NH100 10L Review

Today we’re doing a review of the Arpenaz NH100 10L Backpack from Decathlon. This is the updated version of the Quechua Arpenaz 10L backpack which I did a review on previously (you can click on the top right to see the review of that). Upon first inspection it may appear as though there’s quite a big difference between the two. But when looking closer there’s not really a huge amount of difference. 

The NH100 10L does have a slightly updated and overall cleaner design. It appears they also have a few more colours available. Overall I like the new, cleaner updated design of the bag. However I don’t like the contrasting zipper design. I prefered the matching coloured zips over the newer one. But I do like that they added an additional zipper to the top. So it’s now a double zippered backpack which is great. The front pocket is the same size and overall hasn’t changed much.

The bag’s profile itself has changed a bit. Looking at the two product shots on the decathlon website it would appear as though the newer one is larger or at least more top heavy. But overall both can fit the same 10L amount. The new design is much cleaner and sleeker compared to the old one. And I like that it has a more minimal design in terms of logos and colour options.

In terms of packing size. I tried packing my clothing and toiletries in the bag to see how much I could get in. And it was a fairly tight fit. But you can fit more than you think you’d be able to by looking at the bag. The bag is made from the same nylon material. But it isn’t water resistant. After a few days of wear the material softens and water no longer runs off the bag. The water will soak into the zips and seams.

In terms of price it is the same great value price of USD$3 (AUD$4.50 or 2.50 pounds). Which is an unbelievably good price for such a nice little backpack. Overall a welcome design update to an already great backpack and I can definitely recommend this bag.


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