Quechua Multi-Compartment Travel Bag Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Quechua Multi Compartment Travel Bag from Decathlon. This is a small sling bag with 3 pockets that can be used as a sling bag with the included strap. Or attached to a belt with the velcro straps on the back. On the US decathlon site it’s US $12.99. In Australia it’s AU$20. And in the UK it’s 7.99 GBP. It comes in Carbon grey with blue straps as I have here or also a Brown with khaki straps.

When I first saw this bag on the Decathlon website I knew that it would make a great in-flight bag. You could hang it on the back of the airline seat in front of you. I use a Heroclip mini in this example but you might even be able to thread the included strap around and hook it on the seat if you want. You can also use it as a day sling bag or attached to your belt or hip belt on your bag.

In terms of size and weight. Its 113 grams which is 4 ounces. 16cm high x 18cm wide x 4 cm deep (which is 6.3″ high x 7.1″ wide x 1.6″ deep). This size allows me to just be able to squeeze in my Sea to summit passport wallet in the main compartment. With a set of wireless earphones too. I put my power bank and charging cable in the front pocket. In the main compartment there’s also a divider so you could put a notebook on one side and your passport on the other for example. There’s also one more pocket on the inner side of the flap. For this one I wouldn’t suggest putting anything that could slide out easily. Because if you forget to zip it up before closing it would slide out. I put some wet tissues in here and they fit perfectly.

Overall a great little bag that’s affordable and has many useful organisational pockets. It would make a great sling for use in flight or even just an extra set of organisational pockets for carrying your passports or other items like a power bank.


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