Quechua Arpenaz 15 Review

Today we’re doing a quick hands on review of the Quechua Arpenaz 15 Junior. This is a 15 litre backpack halfway between the arpenaz 10 and 20. As the name suggests its design and features are aimed at ‘junior’ hikers who would be hiking alongside their parents. It comes in only 2 vibrant colours, a blue and a green. Both have fluorescent straps and help the children wearing the bag to stand out so they won’t get lost.

Even though it was designed for kids though, it is still comfortable to wear for adults. It fits very similarly to the popular Arpenaz 10. However this 15 litre version has thicker padding at the back and more padding on the shoulder straps. It also comes with a sternum strap whereas the 10 litre version doesn’t. In terms of space, the extra 5 litres allows for a surprising amount of extra stuff to be packed in. The bag is not waterproof but the water will trickle off for a while before the firmness of the fabric wears off.

As you can see here I am able to fit 2 changes of clothes, my camera kit and toiletry bag with just under half of the bag still empty for more. One thing I would have liked to see though is a separate sleeve area at the back for a laptop or paper to give a slight bit more organisational room inside the bag. However for the price of AUD$14 (USD$10) it’s really a very good bag that is comfortable and roomy. My only real complaint is the lack of more neutral colours like black.


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