Quechua Arpenaz 10 (3 Year Update)

So today we’re revisiting the Quechua Arpenaz 10. I’ve been seeing this bag around a lot recently and the previous review of this bag is my most popular video. So I felt it was time to give you an update on how its holding up. I’ve been using this bag as a daily work carry for the past year. Not every single day but several times per week. This bag has also been my one bag for a road trip I took it to Melbourne and back over about a week. I packed 3kg total into it.

At 10 litres it is quite a small bag but it’s simple and well built for the price. It can be bought from decathlon stores for AUD $4.50 (or about £2.50 GBP) which is probably why it’s such a popular bag. One of my favourite things about this bag is the expanding front pocket. It allows quite a lot of extra room for packing extra things into the bag when the main compartment is full.

In my first review of the bag I noted that it was water repellent. It no longer repels water and I think that it originally did perhaps because the material when new is more stiff and water naturally repels from it. But as the material softens with use the water will soak in. There’s a few small scuffs on the front of the bag although no holes yet. The zipper is starting to come off at the top corner too as you can see here. Although it still functions, albeit a bit less smooth. Finally one of the straps is starting to fray although it still have a solid attachment to the bag.

Overall it’s still holding up well and I’m still going to use it as my daily bag until any further major damage occurs. And in that case I’ll probably replace it with another Aprenaz 10.


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