Primalkind Paleo Friendly Ketogenic Soylent Review

PrimalKind is a meal replacement shake that is based on the keto diet. Advertised as a paleo friendly ketogenic supermeal. Essentially it is a very low carb diet that is high in good fats and protein. It comes in 2 flavours and 2 variations. The first is Cacao and Natural and the second is Cacao Vegan and Natural Vegan. It also comes in male and female variations to account for the different calorie intake and amongst other things.

Freshly blended PrimalKind

Primalkind Review

Upon first opening the bag you will be greeted with a fresh nutty smell and a thick powder which is to be blended in a good blender. I have a fairly cheap mixer and even after blending the mix for several minutes I couldn’t get it any smoother than the consistency of crunchy peanut butter. Although the viscosity of the drink is more like a milkshake. The chunks of nut in the drink aren’t unpleasant but it makes it slightly harder to drink than other smoother shakes. Given the strong nut based ingredients I would love to see this in a solid ‘bar’ form like a muesli bar. I think it would be a much more enjoyable and natural way of consuming the mix of ingredients. I have been informed by PrimalKind that something like this is actually in the pipeline so I am looking forward to trying that.

The ‘natural’ and ‘natural vegan’ flavours taste exactly the same. They are strongly macadamia nut flavoured which is one of the main ingredients. The Cacao and Vegan Cacao are slightly bitter and more of a dark chocolate taste. Initially I didn’t like the cacao flavouring but it definitely grew on me. The PrimalKind shakes come in 336g 4 serve bags. A serving size is around 1/2 cup (84g) as described on the package. The serving size kept me adequately full and sated for several hours. Each package of PrimalKind also includes a packet of 4 omega3 fish oil capsules which are to be taken 1 per serve of PrimalKind. Unfortunately the PrimalKind bags aren’t resealable and so you’ll have to get a clip or pour the remaining contents into a jar to keep the powder adequately sealed.

Nutty residue at the bottom of the cup

Finally the price of PrimalKind is on the high end of the spectrum for a ‘soylent’ like shake. It comes in at around AUD$23 (USD$17.50) which is around AUD$5.75 (USD$4.40) per serve. This is more expensive than Aussilent which is AUD$14 (USD$10.60) per bag and around AUD$3.50 (USD$2.60) per meal however Aussilent is high carb whereas PrimalKind is high good fats. Fortunately PrimalKind is cheaper than the US Ketolent which is AUD$26 (USD$20) per bag (not including shipping).

Overall I do enjoy PrimalKind and it certainly is an easy and convenient way to try a low carb diet. However given the thick nutty texture I am early looking forward to a PrimalKind ‘bar’ to chew on instead.


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