PrimalKind 1.2 Update Review

PrimalKind 1.2 is the improved version of the original PrimalKind mix. I’ve been testing out the new 1.2 mix for the past two weeks and I would say it’s quite a minor update and so most of what I said in the previous review still stands. According to the PrimalKind newsletter they added a new Fine Macadamia Nut Meal. They also added a finer Coconut Flour to reduce the grittiness. Monk Fruit has been added to naturally sweeten the taste. There were also a few other minor changes and they are now trialling international shipping.

Freshly blended PrimalKind

Freshly blended PrimalKind

I only have a very cheap blender/mixer and so to me the mix is still not entirely smooth. It is drinkable and I dont have any problems with the mix but its not as smooth as it could be but I’m not sure if thats due to the cheap blender of the nut fragments in the PrimalKind. I have noticed that its noticeably less ‘gritty’ than before although I still get very small nut fragments on my tongue as I’m drinking it. The other very noticeable change from the previous mix is the sweetness. I was actually quite surprised by the improvement in flavour in both the cacao (chocolate) and the natural. It’s not overpoweringly sweet, just a hint of sweetness that makes all the bitterness from the previous mix disappear.

Overall mainly minor changes from before but very good steps in the right direction. I would still like to see some form of solid PrimalKind or maybe even something to compete with Aussielents ‘ready to drink’ as I imagine using an industrial blender to mix the ingredients would result in a very smooth ‘ready to drink’ PrimalKind.


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