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This is the new L1 dual flashlight from Wuben.  It have a 180 degree rotating head with two lenses, one a spotlight with 350 meters of throw and about 2000 lumens and the other a floodlight which is around 1000 lumens. It also doubles as a 4800mah power bank to charge other items from its USB-C charging port, which I think makes it very useful and versatile. You can also still use the flashlight while it's charging something else.

The floodlight has 3 modes, high, medium and low while the spotlight has 4 plus 2 extra modes. Turbo, high, medium, low and a strobe and sos mode. I found the spotlight to be very handy to use especially in the L shaped configuration. This configuration  made aiming and spotting things more easy on the write than when its facing upwards. The flashlight has a nice durable clip which makes it easy to clip on to a backpack while you're walking and have the light aimed forward.

It has an individual button for each light head and so when you turn the lights the buttons switches stay the same, you have have to remember the top button turns on the spotlight while the bottom one turns on the floodlight. These buttons though, I found almost too each to press and sometimes it turned on in my pocket. I couldn't see anything in the settings manual to indicate there is a way to lock the flashlight buttons like some have.

The rear has a magnet on it too which is quite strong and makes it useful if you need to temporarily mount it somewhere and shine the light hands free. Finally it is also water resistant and very durable so you can use it without worrying about damage. This one is a bit more expensive than other offerings coming in at about USD$79 (AUD$120) but for this price its kind of getting 2 in 1 so I think it's worth it. In the box you also do get a nice usb-c charging cable, holster and lanyard.