I wanted to do a quick review and comparison between the genuine heroclip mini and the fake version which is a fraction of the price. The Heroclip is a carabiner with a rotating flexible hook on the other end. When I first saw it I knew immediately that it would be very useful for when you need to hang your bag, especially in bathrooms without a coat hook on the door.

A regular carabiner on its own is very handy for travel. There are many situations where they often will be useful. Hanging bags or clothes to dry. But when I saw the Heroclip with a hook I thought it was such a great idea. In actual use it has been very practical. The rubber tip at the end of the hook doesn't move and provides a good grip in various hanging situations. The clip itself weighs 0.7oz (19g) and holds up to 40lbs (18kg). The Medium version holds 60lbs (27kg). I prefer the size of the mini though.

In terms of the genuine Heroclip vs the fake one they both feel very solid and well made. The Heroclip mini genuine one costs about USD$15 (or in Australia about AUD$30). The fake one I got on aliexpress for just USD$7 (or AUD$10). The 360 spinning on the genuine clip feels much more firm and stiff. Where as the fake one is a bit looser but still solid. They both support the same amount of weight and same exact size. The only real difference I could notice is that the studs in the fake one are slightly larger. The finish on the genuine one seems a bit nicer but overall I can’t see much of a reason to pay 3 times more for the genuine one.

Overall a really nice and useful carabiner to carry with you in your bag that will be very useful for places where there are no hooks on the toilet doors or places where you want to lift your bag off the ground.