The Decathlon NH500 Escape 23L Rolltop is very similar in design to the NH500 Escape 23L but it differs in that this one has a roll top and different colours. An interesting point to note is that its not only a 23L backpack. Due to the rolltop function, you can actually pack up to 27L into this bag and roll the top more tightly, which is a nice hidden feature. I have personally never been a huge fan of rolltop backpacks but this one has been popular and much requested so I purchased a copy with my own money to review and test.

Some highlights of the bag:

  • 830 grams / 1.8 lbs
  • Interesting colour options
  • Lots of hidden pockets and organisation built in

Some negatives:

  • Single zippered access
  • Not easy to fully access the interior pockets
  • Laptop compartment is not separate

Like a lot of decathlon backpacks this one is nice and lightweight at 830 grams or 1.8 lbs. It also does have a laptop compartment, or what looks like one. But its actually just a rear size zip access to the laptop sleeve. There are a lot of mesh pockets on the inside of the front of the bag but they are quite hard to comfortably access with only one zip to prop open the bag. This has reinforeced my dislike of rolltop backpacks unforutnatlye. They also often dont look very nice in shape when they're packed and rolled up. Not that the look of a bag should matter too much but it looks sloppy and messy.

The straps are quite comfortable and I didnt feel too much fatigue while walking around with it fully packed but its not the most comfortable harness system I've tried either. Overall I think its a good backpack for a good price but I cant personally get along with roll tops. If you are a fan of them then I would suggest checking it out.