Today I thought we’d take a quick look at how to carry soap for travel. This is something you will invariably come across especially if you want travel with your favourite bar of soap. I would also recommend checking out some solid bar soaps that can be used as laundry soap, shampoo and body soap all in one. My favourite currently is the JR Liggett shampoo bar. While it is called a shampoo bar it can be used for anything. Another great option is the Dr Bronners bar soap.

So the first thing people think of when travelling with a bar of soap is to put it into a plastic resealable ziplock bag. This will cause the soap to get a bit soft and cause a sticky mess in the plastic. So its not the best method. The next method I’ve recently learned about is using a scrubbing towel or scrubbing glove. Put the soap in the middle and it will dry through the pores of the fabric.

The next two methods are ones that I personally use. The one that I’ve used for the longest time is the JR Liggett travel EZ-pouch. It comes with a nice shampoo bar and it doubles as a really nice storage pouch even if the soap is a little damp. Although I recommend letting the soap dry on the sink before packing it. The last method is using the Matador Soap Case. This is a newer proprietary material soap holder. It has a one way permeable layer so that water can dry out from the inside but doesn’t get in from the outside. This gives a bit more piece of mind as it means the water won’t seep out and the soap will actually dry without any mess leaking out.