Comparison between 3 sling bags from Bellroy:

The Venture Sling 6L is the first addition that Bellroy added after the original 9L version which I did review earlier. The 6L fits my full frame mirrorless Sony a7C camera with a 35mm 1.8 lens. The other two slings in this comparison are just a bit too small to fit this camera however. Without the camera, I am able to fit a small umbrella, packable day pack, powerbank, small flashlight, wet wipes and some hand sanitiser as well as my sunglasses and some other small items.

The Lite Sling 4L fits quite a lot more than you would think but not quite as much at the 6L version. It fits a small water bottle, in my case the A6 from Memobottle. Also, a packable day pack, small umbrella, powerbank, sunglasses and other small trinkets. The lite sling material is lightweight, soft and a bit expansive so this sling is great for those who carry a variety of items that are sometimes a lot and sometimes a little.

Now the newest addition to the line is the Venture Ready 2.5L sling. For being a small sling it also fits a deceptively large amount inside. The front pocket also has a divider in the middle like the Venture Ready 26L backpack that I reviewed, so I think the 'Venture Ready' line of products will all feature this divided front pocket. Which actually works quite well and keeps small items from hitting into each other. This bag can fit a small drink bottle and some wet wipes and maybe your wallet. Or if removing a bottle, can fit a small umbrella and packable day pack or maybe a powerbank and some small items like keys or passport in the back pocket.

Overall these bags are all really great options and all satisfy different needs of capacity. Its hard to choose just one but I think the Lite sling is the one that I enjoyed the most followed by the 2.5L venture ready sling.