These two backpack while similar in size capacity and features do have some small differences and details that might make you prefer one over the other. The Able Carry is the lighter weight bag at 718g / 1.58lb while the Bellroy is a respectable 955g / 2.1lb. The Bellroy has slightly less comfortable straps and the buckles have a tendency to get a bit tangled (as explained in the video above). The Able Carry is definitely the more comfortable of the two especially while fully packed.

I do like the layout of the Bellroy and the top pocket is very well laid out with high quality touches. I love the colour details on the Bellroy, particularly in the inside pockets. The Able Carry has slightly fewer pockets inside for storage but I kind of prefer this as I use packing cubes more for organisation than pockets.

Overall they're both great and similar but if I had to choose one I'd go for the Able Carry because its lighter and has 3 grab handles at each point of the bag which make stowing it very quick and easy.