This is a short list of a few items I have found, ordered and used from AliExpress. I use AliExpress often when looking for cheaper or alternative options for my travel gear and I though I'd share them with you here.

  1. Travel Towel
    This towel is a knock off of the Sea to Summit Airlite towel that I am a big fan of. I came across this version from NatureHike while browsing on AliExpress. It looks and feels very similar but its sizing and colours are slightly different. But overall very similar feeling when used.
  2. Double sided velcro
    This is useful for a wide range of applications. What I mainly use it for it as a cable tie for my charging cables. But it works great as a strap keeper for loose dangly backpack straps.
  3. Hybrid gear clip
    An obvious copy of the heroclip carabiner, but still very usable and not as expensive. It comes in more colours than the original but does feel a little less well made overall. I would probably spring for the original heroclip over this one but its good to have the option.

  4. Folding Sunglasses 1 / Sunglasses 2
    These folding sunglasses are a very clear copy of the ROAV sunglasses that are much more expensive. I have been interested in the Roav ones for a while but they're just too expensive to justify. These however are very affordable at only about USD$10 or less depending on the model. Of the two models I tried from 2 different stores the second pair were more well made and included a small zippered carry case.