A packing list for travelling light with only 7kg (15lbs) in this 30L backpack I also carried a 2kg/5lb venture sling with my camera inside. For a full list of the contents of the Venture Sling click here. This particular packing list was only for about 2 weeks but I could have easily used the same items to travel for a longer period of time.


  • Topo Designs 30L (Empty bag weight: 1.2kg / 2.6lbs)

This backpack has been a great backpack for travelling as its square shape allow for a lot of use of the internal space. The bag is surprisingly expansive too and it pack a lot more inside than it would seem from looking at it. Its relatively lightweight too at 1.2kg / 2.6lbs


I still find that the traditional wet shaving setup is the lightest and most convenient. The only problem is finding blades while travelling. Although I have found some disposable double edge razors (From the brand Feather) that perform well and last for several shaves and pass airport security.


I also took my Sony mirrorless camera in a separate sling bag during this trip which was a pretty big extra weight and bulk that I wouldnt suggest for others unless you're really going on the trip for photographic reasons. The nintendo switch also wasnt used as much as I'd hoped but I did enjoy playing the new Pokemon Arceus Legends on the flight home with it.


The decathlon wool buff, although not 100% merino is really very good, durable and does the job very well. The Olivers Passage pants were very comfortable and quick drying. The Grip6 belt passed undetected through airport security several times too, I was never asked to remove it.