Whether packing for 2 weeks or packing for 1 month I have prepared a what to pack in a carry on packing list. I’ve been travelling through Thailand and a few days in Malaysia and the only bag I took is the BOgear bullpup which is an 18 litre backpack made in Australia. Below is a table of the contents of the bag along with clickable links to purchase / check the price and further descriptions of the items.

Bag: BOgear Bullpup (18L)

One notable difference between this pack and my previous ones is that I’m using a MacBook air instead of my usual Surface Pro 3. The reason is because I had to send my surface in for a repair and it didn’t come back in time so I bought the MacBook as a stopgap. Another notable change is that I moved from liquid toiletries to all solid ones. Finally I also replaced my battery shaver with a double edge, traditional or wet shaving kit. You could easily travel with this gear packing for 2 weeks or packing for 1 month. I have travelled over 3 months with a similar amount of gear."