Popov Driftwood Flat Wallet (ID window) Review

This is the Driftwood Flat Wallet from a company called Popov. There are two versions, one called ‘quick draw’ and this one called ‘id window’. The only real difference being the size of the hole here. When you order you also get a choice of stitching colour and an option to add custom engraving. I chose the brown stitching and no engraving on this model.

This wallet is very similar in design to my current daily wallet which is the Saddleback Front pocket ID wallet. However the Popov is slightly taller which is good for certain international currencies because some notes are quite a bit taller than Australian or US notes. The other main difference I noticed is that the Saddleback has an inner lining whereas the Popov doesnt. Finally the Popov has one less pocket for cards behind the ID window which is something I really like about the Saddleback wallet. This does mean that the Popov wallet is slightly less thick overall than the Saddleback wallet though.

The Popov wallet is made from high quality full grain leather and is looks and even smells great. I’m sure it’ll last for a very long time too. I’ve found that it holds my cards firmly and keeps everything in a nice flat profile like you’d expect a front wallet would. Overall for a price of $44 USD (AUD$59) its a really nice wallet that I expect I’ll still be using many years from now. If you’re in the market for a nice quality front pocket wallet I would definitely recommend checking out Popovs range.

So thats it thanks very much for watching and be sure to let me know in the comments what kind of wallet you use and be sure to subscribe to keep up to date with future videos.


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