Peak Design Everyday Sling 3L Review

So I recently upgraded to the Full frame Sony a7c and thought I’d look at sling bag options to carry the new camera. I have been quite happy with my Tenba BYOB 7 pack lite bag which I reviewed earlier. However I thought I’d give the Peak Designs bag a try and see how it compared. By the way, I bought it with my own money from their website, and I will be sending it back for reasons I’ll explain at the end of the video.

This peak designs bag does come in 3 size options and a few colours as well. I have the black in the 3L size. The material and zippers are water resistant and there’s a lot of generous padding and it feels well made and durable. Theres a lot of pockets hidden in and around the bag and its fairly spacious for 3L. You can also use the included straps to attach a jacket, towel or tripod to the outside if you like.

I was able to fit my Rode wireless go microphones, spare battery and tripod, with my Sony and an 18mm lens attached. I do like how the bag balances and the strap is very well designed and comfortable to adjust. However when I first got the bag the strap is set up for right-handed people, who wear it on the left shoulder. But luckily the strap can be easily rethreaded to flip around so that its more comfortable for left-handed use (wearing on the right shoulder).

Now while there’s a lot I like about this bag, there’s one thing I can’t overlook. That is the weight of it. It weighs a rather hefty 550grams (1.21lb) while empty which for a bag of this size feels a bit much. This 25L from Able Carry for example weighs only 30g (1oz) more at 580g (1.27lbs). And the BYOB 7 pack lite bag weighs only 250grams (0.5lbs). So its over double the weight and I don’t think its features or pockets necessarily make up for it. The tenba is cheaper and also more versatile since the padded camera cube can be removed and put into another bags more easily.

I think that in some ways its also good to consider that the byob bag is more discreet and doesn’t look expensive or like it would have anything expensive inside. Whereas the peak design looks nicer and more expensive and is in a way advertising that its carrying expensive gear inside. So overall while I do like the peak designs sling I will be returning it and continuing to use the byob 7. I hope peak designs comes out with a lightweight series of bags in the future. Because I do like their designs and implementations, but their bags are always much too heavy.


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