Panasonic ES-RS10 Shaver Review

The Panasonic ES-RS10 is a small battery powered electric shaver for travel. I picked this up in Japan for under $20USD. My previous travel shaver was a very old Braun that had a built in trimmer on the side that was handy for trimming longer beard lengths down before shaving. The Panasonic however, lacks any extra features and is just a foil shaver with an on and off switch.

Panasonic ES-RS10

Starting with the good points. This shaver is very small and quite light, although it’s not as light as a traditional double edge shaving setup which I’ll go into detail about in another video. Its very convenient, because you just need some working batteries and you can shave anywhere without the need for water. This shaver also comes with a little brush in the box and a clear plastic cover to protect the shaving head whilst in your bag.


In terms of performance I have had a pretty good shave even after several days of growth. It cuts through the long hairs quite efficiently although if your beard hairs are longer than a few days of growth you may want to trim them shorter before going at it with the electric shaver. This shaver works best for trimming down stubble for a smooth shave. Although it often takes several passes to get the smoothest possible shave.

Panasonic ES-RS10 Batteries

The two AA batteries

Unfortunately this little shaver isn’t perfect. I have noticed immediately after switching it on that it is extremely loud. This can cause problems particularly if you’re staying in hostels and want to shave at night or in the morning. Another negative about this shaver is that it takes are 2 AA sized batteries. These batteries are quite heavy and if they run flat when you need to shave you’ll have no other option but to buy some more batteries.


Finally the price is very reasonable at AUD$23 (USD$18) for the Panasonic ES-RS10 currently on Amazon (not including shipping). Overall I would recommend this as a neat little travel shaver if you love the convenience of an electric shaver, just make sure to have some batteries handy.


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