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Packing tips: Best Travel Deodorant

Today we’re taking a look at 4 different types of deodorant that I’ve used in my travels and deciding which one is best. These are all deodorants and not antiperspirants which serve different purposes. These of the 4 deodorants we’re looking at today 3 of them don’t contain aluminium, which is an ingredient found in many antiperspirants and some deodorants that stains shirts.

First off is the Alum block. The one I have here is a small travel sized one. However they do come in larger and more ergonomic shapes if you prefer. Essentially this is a solid piece of alum and is highly antibacterial. Once applied it kills and prevents the odour causing bacteria from growing for the time that you wear it. I haven’t found it to be all that successful for me but it does work for some people.

This is also a common aftershave method for wet shaving. Applied to a damp face, it can stop razor burn and bleeding. It’s more effective for this purpose than as a deodorant in my use. Finally the alum block doesn’t have any smell. It’s completely scent free.

Natural grooming’s (a.k.a. Herban Cowboy) deodorant is a 100% natural deodorant that contains no parabens, aluminium, or other commonly added chemical ingredients. This deodorant works quite well and has a pleasant grassy, sweet, slightly herbal smell in the ‘Forest’ scent. I have found that it lasts for most of the day although it’s scent is nowhere near as long lasting as Old Spice.

The size of the bottle is quite small and it fits quite comfortably into most toiletry bags without any problem. I have noticed on hot days that this deodorant has a tendency to melt or get a bit soft. So its probably not the best deodorant to travel with.

Old Spice’s Red zone deodorant in ‘Showtime’ (which has sadly been discontinued) is the deodorant I traveled with for the longest time. Unfortunately it’s the one deodorant with the largest container and it has sometimes been difficult to fit it into my toiletry bag. One of the best things about this particular deodorant is it’s long lasting performance. It easily lasts all day and sometimes into the next.

The ‘Showtime’ scent is also one of the best scents I’ve come across. It unfortunately has been discontinued by Old Spice and I haven’t found a similar one yet. This deodorant as all others, are deemed by TSA as a liquid. So they need to be put into clear bags when going through security. Although I’ve only been enforced to do this by the Australian airports and not any in Asia for far.

Speick’s deo stick. This is a deodorant that I casually came across and decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by the neat size of the container and its screw top lid. It fits very neatly into toiletry bags and is very compact. The scent of this deodorant grew on me over time. It initially smelt to me like an insect repellent. Quite sharp and herbal, but after being applied to the skin the smell mellows and sweetens. It’s quite a fresh herbal ever so slightly medicinal smell that I now like a lot.

The performance of the Speick is quite good too. It lasts a day easily and doesn’t need to be reapplied. Like the Natural grooming deodorant, the Speick is 100% natural ingredients without any harmful additives and it’s made in Germany.

Overall given the size and performance the Speick deodorant is the best most travel friendly deodorant I’ve come across so far. However all of these deodorants (with the exception of the alum block) would technically need to be put into a clear bag along with your liquids to satisfy the TSA’s requirements.


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