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Packing Tips: 5 useful travel items

In my travels these are 5 items that I have found that I use very frequently and couldn’t possibly travel without. Of course everyone’s travel needs are different and this list might not be appropriate or agreeable to everyone but these are items that I have found invaluable during my travels so far. In no particular order.

1. Universal Travel Adapter (with USB ports).

This is something that I use everyday and something that I’ll often be reaching for from my bag when I want to top my phone up at the airport or when I’m charging in my room. This particular model includes 2 usb ports which I have found to be useful because it allows you to charge more than one device at the same time. I can also let my friends charge off it if need be. The outlet at the top can also be used at the same time as charging the 2 USB devices. So you can charge 3 things at once in any country.

2. Packing Stuff Sacks.

I use these stuff sacks to organise everything in my bag. Without these my bag would be a totally unorganised mess of things. The stuff sacks help to order the related components of your bag together in a manageable way. They’re also extremely durable and lightweight so you don’t have to worry about adding extra bulk with these.

3. Passport Wallet.

I did a video on this before. I have found this a great way to keep my passport and metro touch cards from various countries organised. It also has a pen holder which is very handy to use on the plane when filling in the immigration papers on the plane or while you’re queuing up to go through the immigration gates.

4. Dry bag.

I have talked about the dry bag before but I use it mainly for washing my clothes while on the road. I use it roughly every second day and in conjunction with dr. bronners magic soaps. Without a dry bag to wash your clothes your other options are trying to find a (often expensive and/or hard to find) laundromat or washing your clothes in the (often dirty) sink.

5. Microfibre Towel.

I did a comparison between some different microfibre towels here. The reason I say I list it here is because often when you travel the towels that you will come across are not that clean and/or they might be quite small. This towel is very compact and lightweight and dries in less than an hour.

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