Oz Soylent vs Aussielent Review

Oz soylent is one of the two main soylent options available in Australia. Initially I tried only the ‘original’ flavoured oz soylent and found it to be very unpalatable and I couldnt even finish the pack. I then moved to Aussielent as the flavours and consistency were better. I decided to try OZ soylent again because Aussielent has been holding off on releasing the ‘ready to drink’ keto version thus pushing me to try alternatives.

Oz soylent has 3 flavours available. Original, Chocolate and Vanilla. Of the three the vanilla is the most tasty. Original tastes like blended up cardboard boxes and the chocolate has a slight cardboardy taste but is much more drinkable than the original. They all have a slightly thicker consistency than the Aussielent and like the Aussielent I would suggest leaving the mix in the fridge over night to get the best consistency.

Another great thing about Oz soylent compared to Aussielent is that the shipping is free although I’m quite sure the shipping cost is in the price anyway. One bag of Oz soylent costs $19 and lasts 4 days whereas one bag of Aussielent costs $14 and lasts 4 days also. Another interesting difference between Oz soylent and Aussielent is the sugar per serve is almost double in the Aussielent at 13.8g while the oz soylent is only 2.3g.

One final difference between the two is that oz soylent offers a monthly subscription on orders customisable depending how many bags you want to receive per month. While Aussielent is sticking with a bulk order discount where you need to order over a certain amount to get the discount and free shipping. Personally I would prefer a subscription as its hard to put down over $300 on one order.

In conclusion its really down to personal preference on the taste and consistency which one you’ll prefer. I still prefer the consistency and taste of the Aussielent but not the sugar or ordering system. I like the ordering and low sugar of the oz soylent but not the taste or price as much.


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