Outlier Ultrafine Merino Tshirt Review

Outliers Ultrafine Merino T-shirt is made from a 200gsm merino fabric which is on the heavier side for a merino wool piece. This means that it will keep you warmer in the winter whilst still being breathable enough to wear in the summer. It is also made with 17.5 micron merino which means it’s much much softer than others. Due to its 17.5 micron thinness I have found that it drapes a little closer to the skin too.

There is a wide selection of colours to choose from with the shirt although mostly subdued colours. If you wear ‘bluetint grey’ pants from Outlier I have found that it’s a bit close to the ‘Shadow Grey’ colour of the Ultrafine T-shirt. I also tried the new ‘Blood Burgundy’ colour but was disappointed when I received it to find it’s more purplish than deep reddish.

Shadow grey and blood burgundy

Shadow grey and blood burgundy

The fit of the shirt is excellent. I found that especially around the sleeves it’s a really nice firm fit. The only problem with the shirt in terms of fit is the length of the t-shirts hem is rather long. It’s not too bad but it does tend to bunch up around the bottom when worn untucked. This is actually beneficial when wearing it tucked in as a baselayer though.

The Ultrafine Merino Tee comes packaged with two rubber bands around each end of the shirt. This is quite a nice touch. You could also use these while packing your bag for a trip. Overall if you are in the market for a merino wool t-shirt and price isn’t an issue then you could check out this one by Outlier. However for only AU$89 (US$64) you can buy a 195gsm merino t-shirt from Wilderness Wear.


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