Outlier Ultrafine Merino Cut Two Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Ultrafine merino cut two t-shirt from Outlier. There are quite a few merino t-shirt options from Outlier at the moment and each have different cuts and/or weight of the merino fabric. The ‘cut one’ is a classic cut that’s straight and long. This ‘cut two’ is a boxier cut with squared out broad-shoulders and a high neck.

Theres a few weights too. This shirt, the ultrafine merino is 195gsm and 17.5 micron, so it will be more balanced for summer and winter, providing good insulation. I personally prefer 195gsm merino as they cover a wide range of temperature comfort and are the most versatile. Outlier also have the ‘sport weight’ which is actually a merino blended with nylon and that’s great for working out and summer wear. And they also have the ‘dream weight’ merino, which I’ll be reviewing in the next video. The dream weight is also a blend, but more merino than nylon and is 110 gsm so its much more lightweight and I would class it more for a summer or warmer weather. But still will work great as a base layer in winter.

So focusing again on this ultrafine merino cut 2 shirt. The 17.5 micron is very soft and makes these shirts feel very comfortable. Its also a tighter jersey knit that makes it feel very durable too. In terms of the fit I have both the XS and S sizes. The S size is Burgundy Feels colour and the XS is Concrete Grey. I actually think both fit well but they give a different feel. The XS is more of a baselayer kind of fit or a more athletic fit. The S is slightly more of a regular or slightly more boxy fit. They’re both comfortable to wear and feel very high quality. I keep my 100% merino garments in the ziplock bags that Outlier ship their items in. Putting in these bags after wearing or after washing will help prevent moths and bugs eating the fabric.

The cost for each shirt is USD$120 which is definitely on the higher end but I can say they are worth the price given the high quality materials and craftsmanship that goes into them. They’ll last a very long time given correct care methods are followed. Out of the many merino t-shirts I have tried this is one of the best and certainly has the most colour options to choose from. Id highly recommend checking them out.


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