Outlier Supermarine Cap Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Outlier Supermarine Cap in the Anthracite colour which is this kind of a dark steel grey colour. So what makes this cap special compared to other cotton caps? It’s made from a special water resistant, breathable and windproof fabric that Outlier calls Supermarine Cotton.


Supermarine Cotton is basically an updated version of special type of cotton fabric developed during World War II. Its windproof, water resistant and very breathable. It’s made from 100% Cotton fibers that are woven together in a complex weave that swells up and seals when exposed to water. Outliers version of this fabric is updated with a light DWR coating too to give it a very water resistant construction. I tested the cap out in heavy rain and wasn’t able to wet it enough to penetrate the fabric at all. It felt very comfortable and breathable even on hot days hiking.


Usually I’m not much of a hat or cap person. But I have to say that this is one of the most comfortable caps I’ve worn and it has a style that doesn’t look awkward on me. I have this flexfit cap from zazzle but the fit looks a little awkward on me compared to this Supermarine Cap. For both caps I’m wearing the M-XL size, my head is about 58cm (22.8in) and you can use the cam lock adjustment on the back to get a tighter or looser fit.


Speaking of the style, I like the design of this cap a lot. I like that it doesn’t have the little button on the top and I like the brim shape. The cam lock adjustment has a nice design touch where the excess cord can be tucked into the seams to give it a nice clean overall design. The hat also doesn’t have bulky internal structuring too so its really easy to flatten out and pack into a bag, which makes it great for travel. I also love this Anthracite grey that matches almost everything you pair it with. There’s also a very large selection of other colours available on Outliers site so be sure to check it out.


Finally the price is certainly on the high end for a cap at US$75 (AU$125). But given the special material and the comfortable design and excellent selection of colours I think its a really worth it as a kind of do-it-all cap for a lot of situations. Whether to protect you from rain or sun or just for a casual style upgrade. I’d definitely recommend checking it out.


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