Outlier New Way Shorts Review 2019

This is a review of the 2019 edition of Outliers New Way shorts. These shorts are what got me into techwear and the Outlier brand for the first time in 2014. I’ve since owned the 2015 edition and now the 2019 edition over the years. Each pair retained the F-cloth material and the water resistant coating. The New Ways are quick drying and have simple clean style meaning you can wear them in a wide variety of situations.

Comparing my 2015 edition here in a Deep Gray colour and size 29 to the 2019 edition also Deep Grey but size 31. The main difference between these two is the front pockets are entirely made from milspec flow-through mesh. This is great because the old ones used to balloon up a bit with water when you jumped in for a swim. That doesn’t happen with these new pockets. The old ones also tended to collect a bit more sweat as it blocked the airflow a bit more. The new flow through mesh allow for a much more comfortable experience overall. And it still feels good to put your hands into.

One of the best things about the New Way shorts, and why it attracted me in the first place is just how versatile they are. They are a really clean sleekly designed pair of shorts that you can wear and look good while out and about in the city. They look great for a pool party and even look great when you wear them at the beach. An example scenario would be wearing them at a picnic at the beach. Then going for a quick swim and after rinsing off just continue wearing them while they dry. They dry quickly, within about 2 hours or less depending on conditions.

These shorts are the perfect do-it-all for travel in my opinion. I’ve been travelling with a pair of New Ways ever since I first tried them back in 2014. Often while travelling I’ll wear them to sleep in, for working out, wearing around town and swimming. The 2 way stretch F-cloth material makes them very comfortable for all these activities too. F. Cloth is a Sweden fabric made from 97% Nylon and 3% Elastane. But these aren’t anything like cheap Nylon shorts. They don’t make a swishy sound and they don’t feel slippery. They have a soft cotton like handfeel and drape very nicely.

In terms of pricing they are on the high end especially for ‘a pair of shorts’. I remember thinking “who would pay that for a single pair of shorts”. But once you factor in how many situations and how much use and versatility you can get out of the shorts the price stars to make sense. They are USD $125 which is actually one of the more affordable items that Outlier makes. And I can’t recommend them highly enough. I’ve tried several other brands ‘techwear’ shorts that claim to ‘do it all’ but none are quite as stylish or comfortable as the New Ways.

It terms of fit I have actually had a bit of trouble finding the perfect fit with the New Ways previously. I originally tried the 29 and 30 in 2014 and I settled on the 29 for a more slim fit. But over 2015 and now I think the waistband was redesigned slightly in a way that the shorts are designed to sit a little lower on the waist. So with the 2019 edition the size 30 fits me perfectly across the waist but its ever so slightly tight through the seat. The size 31 is slightly loose on the waist but fits more comfortably through the seat. If you’re in between sizes or not sure I would suggest getting two sizes and returning the pair that doesn’t fit as well. The Size 30 is about 15.7in across and the size 31 is about 16.5in across.

The fit is the same as the 2019 Futureworks pants. And I think a size up from the Slim Dungarees sizing. But the Slim Dungarees do stretch out a bit whereas the F-Cloth material on the New Ways won’t stretch out much if at all. One more thing to note is that the New Way shorts have a built in hidden waist cord so that you can have a firmer fit without the need for a belt. This is especially useful when using them as swim shorts.

Overall I really love the Outlier New Way shorts and definitely recommend them to anyone interested in a do-it-all pair of shorts and those looking to get into one-bag travel. The current batch come in 4 colours. My favourite are the Blue AF and Deep Grey.


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