Outlier Injected Linen Pants Review

This is a review of the Outlier Injected Linen pants. The pants are so named because of the process of blending (or injected) super light polyester strands around the linen fabric core. The result is a fabric that has all the light, cool, and breathable properties of linen and extra strength and durability from the polyester. The Injected Linen material is a 59% Linen and 41% Polyester mix that is woven in Japan.

The material is quite interesting. Its very ‘slubby’ which is a term to describe the little black spots on the fabric that looks like pilling. But its not pilling, it’s just the way the fabric is. It feels very nice in the hand and is firm yet soft to the touch. The colour I have here is ‘GD Phantom’ which is a dark grey. But it does change depending on the lighting. It also has a slight pinstripe pattern if you look closely. Due to the linen and polyester mix, these pants dry very quickly after washing, about 2 hours or less depending on conditions. Linen is usually known for being very easy to crease. And it often looks wrinkled. However Outlier says that due to the polyester content, it doesn’t crease like regular linen and instead just has a ‘wavy’ look. To me they did have a somewhat wavy look but that is just a part of the charm of linen pants.  

These pants are advertised as the perfect pants for summer due to the exceptional breathability of linen. In my testing, I wore them in some days that topped 100 degrees fahrenheit (38 celcius) and it felt like I was wearing less than a pair of shorts. The wind really does blow gently right through the fabric. Its a lot like the feeling of wearing the Ramielust T Shirt but on your legs. I would definitely recommend these for summer wear. Although probably wouldn’t be very good for winter because they don’t thermally insulate in the same was as merino wool.

The fit of these pants right out of the box was absolutely perfect for me. I have the size 30 here, which is the same size I wear in the Slim Dungarees. The waist measurement on my size 30 pants is 16.5 inches and its perfect around my waist which is roughly 32 inches around. I don’t even need to wear a belt with these pants. The inseam was really perfect for me too. It comes with a 32.25 inch inseam but it can be ‘let out’ for an extra 1 inch in length if you need it.

The cost is fairly high at $198 USD ($275 AUD) but for a pair of high quality linen pants that you can wear day in and day out all through the summer. I would say that it can be worth it if you really like the linen look and feel. And I think you need to try these pants to really know how good they feel in the summer. It’s almost better than wearing shorts.

Overall a really nice and well made, high quality pair of linen pants. The price is on the higher end, but if you like linen pants and live in a hot, humid area or are going to be using them a lot they more than make up for the price in terms of use.


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