Outlier Grid Linen Towel Review

The Outlier Grid Linen towel is as the name suggests a lightweight 100% linen towel. The size I have here is the Large in a ‘clear blue’ colour. Its advertised as the ‘perfect beach towel’ on Outliers site. So I decided to try it out at the beach and put it to the test. The Large size is 55”x 36” (140x91cm) and it is surprisingly lightweight for its size weighing only 10.7oz (305g). Its large enough to wrap around your whole body and large enough to lay on as a beach towel.


The grid linen towels texture straight out of the box is a bit rough and I have seen it described as ‘scratchy’. However the towel does get significantly softer the more you wash it and it wears in nicely. The linen material is very strong and durable too. The grid structure of the towel also helps it to maximise the absorption and it can absorb 20% of its weight and still feel dry to the touch. A couple more great things about the linen fabric is that it dries quickly and sand doesn’t stick to it in the way it does to cotton towels. The final benefit of linen is that the towel doesn’t develop a smell (even after washing) in the way microfibre towels tend to.

I’ve been using it for about 2 to 3 weeks as my daily towel and a few times at the beach and have washed it several times. It has definitely gotten a bit softer each time. I can attest to the excellent absorption of the towel and the quick drying properties. It dries in an hour or so depending on the conditions. The towel I usually use for travelling with is the Sea to Summit Pocket towel. Which is a microfibre towel and it packs up very small and it super lightweight. I have seen people complain about their towels developing a smell even after washing. I haven’t noticed that with my pocket towel personally but I certainly haven’t noticed it with the linen towel.


Its a hard choice to choose between a smaller and slightly lighter microfibre pocket towel and this grid linen towel. I would not hesitate to take the grid linen over the pocket towel if it packed up as small. I would have loved to try the ‘medium’ version. Outlier did used to offer a ‘medium’ and ‘small’ version of the grid linen towel but this year its only large or extra large. If I’m going hiking or to the beach or day trips the grid linen towel will be my first choice. Ultimately when it comes down to it, it rolls up to about the same size and weight as a tshirt and could easily be packed in amongst your clothes in your bag. So it really depends if you need that slight big of extra space or weight in your bag over a microfibre towel.


In terms of the cost, its USD$59 (about AUD$83) which is on the higher end for a towel but a fairly reasonable price for a high quality linen fabric product. I have seen people mention that there are cheaper linen towels on etsy and other similar websites. But they’re often not 100% linen and lack the same level of quality over the Outlier brand. One more thing worth noting is that the Outlier grid linen towels come in 9 interesting colours as well.


Overall a really nice packable towel that really lives up to being ‘the perfect beach towel’ and I’ll definitely be using it a lot for upcoming trips and travels so be sure to stay subscribed for those updates. If you’re in the market for a new towel or looking to try some linen then I’d definitely recommend checking out the Grid Linen towel.


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