Outlier Futuredarts Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Outlier Futuredarts. These are made with the same excellent f-cloth material as the Futureworks and the New Way Shorts (both of which I have reviewed, link in the top right). I would like to thank Sean at Outlier for sending me the pants to review.

The main difference between these and the Futureworks is that the Futuredarts have a slightly different cut and the legs are sewn with darts to eliminate the outer seam you usually see on pants. This gives them a ‘free moving and tapered silhouette’ according to Outlier.

Fcloth is a very nice fabric especially for summer and the transitional seasons. Its made from 97% Nylon and 3% Elastane and has a comfortable 2 way stretch. I noticed that some people complained about nylon pants making a swishing sound while walking but I didn’t notice this. Not unless you walk with your legs literally pressed together and that would be unnatural. The inner pocket material is made from a soft mesh material too which means that the pants feel very breathable and means they’ll dry more quickly after washing too.

In terms of sizing, I asked those of you who follow me on instagram which of these sizes you think fit best. It was a real polarising fit with the size 31 winning but just a few votes. Personally I felt the size 30 was a touch tight in my thigh area but not super uncomfortably so. If they stretched out in the same way as the Slim Dungarees then I would stick with the size 30.

I was reading on the Outlier Subreddit that people mentioned their Futuredarts didn’t stretch much while others said they did a little. Some suggested sizing 1 size down from your usually size with the Futuredarts because they’re slightly looser in the top block. I agree the Futuredarts are a bit looser in the top block than the Futureworks. In Futureworks I fit the size 31 comfortably but the size 30 was too tight. But with these Futuredarts its hard for me to choose. So please leave a comment down below which size you think looks best.

I think its a matter of stylistic choice, sizing down 1 will give you a slightly slimmer fit and going with your regular size (which for me is the 31) gives you a more traditional fit. If you are buying them I would suggest buying your regular size and a size down and test them. Outlier has a very generous 45 day return period.

The Futuredarts are water resistant, as you can see here most of the raindrops fall off the pants without soaking in. But some drops do wet the fabric which is quite normal for the ‘light DWR’ coating these have. The great thing about the Fcloth fabric is that it dries very fast. On a sunny day I’ve had them dry within an hour sometimes less depending on conditions and how wet they are.

My only real complaint about these pants is that there’s no gusseted crotch but the 2 way stretch does still leave them feeling very comfortable to wear in a variety of situations.

In terms of price they are USD$148 (AUD$220) which is quite acceptable for a pair of pants as versatile as these. These pants would be suitable in an office situation and casual. Since they’re made from fcloth and they have mesh pockets they could also be used for swimming in.

Overall a really great pair of pants and they’re starting to replace my Slim Dungarees as my go-to pant for going out. I’d definitely recommend checking them out if you’re looking for a new pair of pants that can pass for both dressy and casual situations.


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