Outlier Dreamweight Raw Cut Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Dreamweight Raw cut shortsleeve merino t-shirt from Outlier. As the name suggests this is a raw cut shirt which means the hems at the end are not folded over like traditional t-shirts. This gives it a more casual look and feel. The dream weight refers to the lighter weight of the fabric too. Its 110gsm and 16.5 micron merino but also blended with 25% nylon so it feels very lightweight and is perfect for warmer weather or working out as well.

This would also make a great baselayer for layering in winter as the 75% merino will help give it the excellent thermal properties of wool which is keeping you cool when its warm and keeping you warm when its cool. The colours and sizes I have are the Winedeep in a size S and a size XS in Olive green. Like with Outliers other merino t-shirts I feel both fit quite well and it comes down to what kind of look you want or how you intend to use them. The XS for me is more of an athletic or base layer look and feel while the S is more of a casual look. I like both looks and fits and they’re both very comfortable.

One things I noticed with the raw cut edge is that the hem of the t-shirt on the bottom kind of rolls itself up. I guess that’s due to not having a fold of fabric to weigh it down and so it looks a bit funny if you focus on it. But its not a problem just something to note. The price of these shirts is USD$88 and that’s on the higher end but again the quality and materials used to make them is worth the price. I’ve had many cheaper merino garments and the cheaper they are the lower quality the wool. Lower quality wool tends to be itchier and lose its shape and develop holes quicker. These will not have the same problems with proper care.

The nylon blended in with these means they’ll be less likely to be eaten by bugs or moths too but I still would recommend putting them into a ziplock bag before putting it back in your wardrobe to keep it in the best shape. Overall these are a really nice and lighter alternative to the regular ultra fine merino t-shirts and will be especially comfortable for the hotter summer months. Particularly if paired with some f.cloth pants like the future darts or futureyes pants.


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