Outlier Bombworks Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Bombworks from Outlier. These are made from the same great bomb twill fabric as the Bomb dungarees I previously reviewed. However unlike those dungarees, these are a less slim and more boxy cut pant that Outlier call a ‘relaxed fit work pant’. The colour I’m wearing here is the ‘Raw khaki’ and the size is 31. 

Starting off with the sizing. As I just mentioned these are a more relaxed fit compared with the dungarees. In the bomb dungarees I found the size 32 quite slim. However with these the size 31 fits perfectly around the waist and is almost too baggy through the legs. But I believe this is the design, they’re a boxy and relaxed design that I have noticed is becoming more common and popular lately. I think they look pretty good and are certainly very comfortable. The bomb twill fabric doesn’t tend to stretch out much with wear, at least not as much as the work cloth material that the slim dungarees are made out of.

These pants also have some interesting design features. Such as the ‘hidden shank’ which refers to the front button being hidden or covered. This actually works quite well and looks good. But if you wear a belt the effect is hidden anyway. “Angled on seam slash pockets’ which give it a work pant vibe. And oversized belt loops. Finally at the back is a little hidden coin pocket which is a nice touch. You could also use this for SD cards or other small items. The pockets are actually nice and deep and you can fit a lot in them which is great.

The bomb twill makes these pants drape in a way similar to cotton and they breath well too. The fabric is very durable feeling and feels like it will last a long time. It has a fluorocarbon free treatment that give it light but durable water and stain resistance. It also dries faster than other fabrics too so when you wash them or if you get caught in the rain they’ll dry fast.

Overall these are a great pair of pants for work and travel they cover a wide range of temperatures and are very comfortable and unrestrictive. They come in a huge range of colours as well. I definitely recommend checking them out. They are on the high end of the price spectrum for pants, but they are a very high quality material that are made to last and so similar to raw denim these are a long lasting purchase that is well worth the US$198.


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