Outlier Bomb Dungarees Review

Today we’re taking a look at the new Bomb Dungarees from Outlier. You might remember one of my videos from a few years ago where I tried some of Outliers ‘Strong Dungarees’ but the size was a bit small. Well these are kind of what replaces those pants. I’d like to thank Sean at Outlier for sending them over for this review. Also in some of the clips you’ll see me wearing a red merino t-shirt. Thats the Ultrafine Merino Cut 2 T-shirt also from Outlier, and its a size small.

Starting off with the fabric. These are made from Outliers ‘Bombtwill’ which is an extremely strong and durable fabric made from 96% nylon and 4% elastane and at 360gsm it had the handful of a pair of raw denim. It is soft to the touch but has a kind of firmness to it that I think will soften with more wear like a pair of raw denim. When you look closely at the fabric it is very twill like and feels more like denim than the ‘workcloth’ fabric used on the slim dungarees. That fabric feels strong but more gauzelike and a grid pattern. The way this bomb twill fabric drapes is a lot closer to raw denim than the slim dungarees too. So I think overall if you’re looking for something to replace you’re raw denim pants these are the ones to get.

Now getting into the fit. These are a relatively slim cut and while I usually have worn a size 30 or 31 in some Outlier gear, for these a size 32 fits best through the legs but is slightly loose in the waist. Perhaps I had put on a bit of weight over the lockdown which might explain the fit changes too. Although with the Bombworks pants from Outlier a size 31 fits nice in the waist and boxy in the legs. But I think that’s because those are a boxier cut. Whereas these are more of a slim cut. After wearing them all day for a few weeks I can say that they dont really stretch out at least not in the same way the Slim dungarees do. They do feel like they get more comfortable the more you wear them, like breaking in raw denim. But the fit doesn’t overall change too much from what I can tell.

So for me I need to wear a belt with these pants to keep them at the correct waist level. The belt I’m wearing here by the way is one from Grip6 which I reviewed previously. The 4% of elastane does give these pants a good amount of stretch and while they are a slim fit, I dont feel completely restricted while wearing them. Due to my sizing I do find that the fly and front of the pants seems to get a bit bunched up with a belt. This sometimes makes the fly feel like it has a bit more resistance while opening it. But I think with more wear the fabric will soften and the fly will feel smoother. Its similar to the way raw denim feels before you comfortably break it in.

The colour I’m wearing here is the ‘charcoal’ which is a kind of dark grey but I also have a pair of my favourite ‘blue tint grey’ in a size smaller which are far too tight for me but the colour is very nice. The charcoal is definitely a nice colour too and there are several other colours to choose from. Although it does seem like the blue tint grey is the most popular colour as there currently aren’t many sizes left in the colour.

The pockets on these are very nice and deep. You can certainly fit your whole hands in them and carry a lot. However, as you can see with my pair, I have my phone in my pocket and it sticks out quite obviously which is due to the slimness of the pants. The coin pocket on the side is quite shallow and I guess this is to make reaching things that are put in there easier. The pants are very well constructed and really do feel ‘bombproof’. They have rivets in the high tension areas which make them feel a lot like a ’21st century jean’ which is what outlier were trying to do with these.

Finally these have a durable water resistant coating that you can see here works exceptionally well. Water beads off and can be wiped away without causing any stains. The fabric feels great and exceptionally durable and I really look forward to breaking these in a bit more and wearing them for years to come.


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