Outlier Air Forged Oxford

The Air Forged oxford is one of Outliers most affordable shirts at a price of $98, while not exactly a ‘cheap shirt’ is is very a very affordable foray into the Outlier brand. So what exactly is ‘air forged’? well its the process they use to process nylon strands at varying thickness which is then woven into the cloth used to make the shirt. It’s essentially a nylon shirt that is woven like an oxford cloth shirt but with even better qualities.

The ‘air forged’ nylon material feels great in the hand, soft yet also durable, it also has many qualities that are favourable in a shirt, such as quick drying, upf 50+ sun protection and it is treated with a ‘nano-tex’ layer that helps the shirt stay cleaner for longer, and repels water. It is claimed that the fabric is stronger than cotton while also being much lighter. So it is an ideal shirt for travelling light.

The shirts design is a fairly standard oxford pattern however it has some small yet interesting features. Firstly it has what outlier are calling a “secret catch” pocket. Upon first inspection you could be forgiven for thinking nothing of it, it looks like a plain pocket. The ‘secret’ however lies in the inside of the pocket. Instead of having a flap on the outside, it has a flap sewn on the inside, so in theory if you lean over with something in you pocket, it will slide into the ‘inner flap’ and not fall out. Quite a neat idea and it looks good from a design point of view. The second thing is Outlier’s ‘pivot sleeve’ design, this allows much more arm movement while wearing the shirt and also gives it a distinctive yet futuristic look to the back panel of the shirt.

I’ve worn this shirt fairly extensively, and the only bad thing I really have to say about it is that the material does tend to catch on sharp ends. For example if you have cut your fingernails and theres little pointy edge bits, they will catch as you run your hand over the fabric. It doesn’t pull threads out but I have just noticed that the fabric is fairly catchy.


  • Secret catch pocket,
  • quick drying,
  • soft and lightweight,
  • anti-stink properties,
  • stylish and trim fit.


  • Limited availability,
  • catches easily on sharp points

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