Outerboro Verflex Pants Review

The Verflex pants are advertised as a techwear alternative to your khaki chino pants. They’re made from a 4-way stretch cotton blend material that is comprised of 60% Cotton, 26% Nylon, 14% Spandex. Upon first feeling the material it does feel very nice in the hand. While it does have the cotton feel, its feels like a thin or light cotton. The built in stretch makes the pants comfortable to wear in all situations even without the need for a gusseted crotch. I found the material to be quite breathable and didn’t make me sweat in the hot summer heat. They also appear to be quite warm in the cooler weather but not very thermally insulating.


The pants feature 4 zip pockets which while zipped make the pants appear to have no pockets at all. The website also lists that the right pocket has a coin compartment but I couldn’t find or see one on the pair I received. The other feature built into the pants aside from the 4 way stretch is the teflon fabric coating. The pants don’t feel any different than a regular pair of cotton pants but the coating certainly does its job well. Water rolls right off and drops of rain bead off as well.


In terms of sizing I went with the smallest size available which is the size 30. Its waist measurement is 15.5 inches and fits me quite well without a belt but I usually wear a belt with them when I know I’ll be putting something in my pockets. The standard in-seam for the size 30 that I received is 30.5 inches


The design of the Verflex pants is that of a pair of chinos that can be easily worn in an office setting and casually while out and about on the town or even on an adventure. I like the security of the zip pockets and the clean subtle design of the pants. I think that this ‘desert khaki’ colour is quite good too, not too dark or too light. The pants also come in an ‘army green’ and ‘graphite blue’


The price is on the high end at USD$178 (plus $30 express shipping) so the total shipped cost would be roughly USD$208. Given the properties, comfort and wearability of the pants I’d say the the price is quite justified. Overall if you’re looking for at getting a pair of techwear pants that you can wear to work, or out and around town or even while traveling or hiking then I’d recommend checking out Outerboro’s Verflex Pants.


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