Outerboro Swift Shirt Review

The Swift Shirt is marketed as a dress shirt for any setting or environment. It’s a traditional dress shirt design with no front pocket and features a micro oxford cloth pattern. It’s made from a special Perino fabric, that features specially developed fiber from Japan that is permanently quick-dry, anti-odor, and thermal regulating. The components of this fabric are 51% Cotton, 23% Polyester, 18% Rayon, 6% Acrylate, 2% Lycra. These components come together to make the shirt quite stretchy yet still retain a nice look while worn.

In terms of size I went with the XS which is the smallest available on outerboro’s site. I would say that it feels very similar in size to Outlier’s S120 Twill Merino shirts. It feels slightly tight in the arms although it’s not uncomfortable due to the fabrics built in stretch. It is a slim fit design and the arm holes are quite high up meaning you have more freedom of movement in your arms. It doesn’t feel restrictive at all. The hem of the shirt is slightly long for my liking but I guess it being a dress shirt it’s designed to be tucked in rather than worn untucked.

The shirt is advertised to feature Moisture-wicking, Breathability, Quick-Dry, Anti-Odor and Thermal Regulation. During my testing I found that it doesn’t wick moisture really at all. As you can see in the video drops of rain and water from a bottle just instantly absorb into the fabric. It does however dry very fast. Within minutes you can see the fabric beginning to dry, it seems to dry much faster than anything else I’ve tested. It is quite breathable, and I never felt too hot wearing this in hot humid weather up to 42 degrees celsius (107 fahrenheit). It seems to keep fairly warm in cold areas although not quite as warm as a merino fabric shirt. Finally it does seem to be efficiently anti-odor. I wore it for a few days in a row in really hot weather and I couldn’t smell any odor which is quite impressive for a non-merino fabric.

In terms of price, it comes in at $148 USD which is pretty good if compared to some of outliers offerings. I feel that at this price though there should be some more varied colour options. A white or perhaps a grey since it’s a dress shirt first and foremost.

In conclusion if you’re in the market for a dress shirt that can go above and beyond then I would definitely recommend checking out the swift shirt by Outerboro.


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