Outerboro Edge Pants Review

The Edge pants are advertised as a techwear replacement for your jeans in much the same way as Outliers Slim Dungarees are. In fact comparing the two pants they have a similar design. If you look closely at the material you can see they both have a similar grid like pattern that feels very durable. I am wearing a size 30 which has a 30.5 inch inseam. I went with the olive colour as the blue was sold out.

When I first tried on the Edge pants I was quite pleasantly surprised by the quality of the material and the build. They feel like a premium pair of techwear pants and have some great features built in too. They feature a durable water resistant teflon coating that really works well even after a lot of wear. Typically this type of water repellency wears off around the thigh area after wearing the pants for a while. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with these.


Some of the Edge pants other features are that it is made from a technical Cordura fabric blend, that is abrasion resistant, water/stain repellent, and quick-drying. The exact material components are 84% Nylon (Cordura), 14% Polyester 2% Lycra. Although these pants don’t really have a lot of stretch. The crotch is also not gusseted meaning that compared to the Outlier Slim Dungarees they don’t offer quite as much freedom of movement. They do repel water extremely well as you can see in the video. They are also very breathable and I didn’t feel too hot wearing them in the extreme summer heat.


The sizing and fit is quite good. They’re advertised as a regular fit and so at a size 30, which is the smallest available size, fit me very well and is even comfortable enough to wear without a belt. Outerboro also offer a free hemming service to get a custom length for your pants before you receive them. Without even asking for a hem mine came with a 30.5 inch inseam. I’m not sure if the inseam changes depending on the size but this inseam fits me perfectly.


I like the Edge pants design and the slightly slanted pockets not only look good but keep the items in your pocket quite secure. The pockets aren’t as deep as Outliers but are deeper than a regular pair of jeans pockets. One small annoyance I had was with the coin pockets location. If you wear a belt, it makes access to the coin pocket quite inconvenient. However the upside is that coins wouldn’t be able to fall out with this design.


Finally the price is quite good at $99 (plus $30 express shipping) especially if compared to the similar Outlier Slim Dungarees which come in at just under $200. Overall if you’re looking for at getting a pair of techwear pants or feel that Outliers Slim Dungaree’s are too expensive then I’d definitely recommend checking out Outerboro’s Edge Pants.


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