Onu Stretch Shorts Review

The Onu stretch shorts are a pair of techwear shorts from a new techwear brand. At first glance these shorts seem to be very similar to Outliers New Way shorts and indeed they share many similarities. They both have a durable water resistant finish. They are also both made from a stretchy techwear material. However the Onu shorts are 4 way stretch whereas the New Ways are only 2 way stretch.  Finally the pricing is somewhat on the Onu shorts is a little more steep at USD$150 (AUD$197) whereas the Outlier shorts come in at only USD$120 (AUD$158).

These Onu shorts are very well made and have some quality features such as a very nice YKK metal locking zipper and interesting bonded seams on the leg opening. Although due to this construction method, the hem feels like it’s got a bit more rigidity than the rest of the material and so doesn’t drape quite as well. Another thing to note is that these Onu shorts are made in China which isn’t a bad thing, however the Outlier New Way shorts are made in the USA. The water resistance on these Onu shorts feels very good. They are quick drying and comfortable although they only come with a 10” inseam which is just a touch too long for my liking. The shorts also make quite a noticeable swishing sound when walking that could be a problem for some. I am wearing a size 30 but I feel a size 29 would probably have been a better fit.

The water repellent properties of the shorts

The water repellent properties of the shorts

There are a few more missing features from the Onu shorts which make me hesitant to switch from my Outlier shorts. The first is that the Onu shorts pockets don’t have any mesh or drainage holes in the bottom like the Outlier ones do. This means that, even though they’re water resistant and quick drying, they’ll be unsuitable to swim in. Another feature these shorts lack is a draw cord. There’s no extra adjustment to the waist other than wearing a belt. Although to be fair Onu never advertise their shorts as swimmable like Outlier does.

Overall it’s hard for me to recommend these shorts over Outliers when the Outlier shorts have many more features, colours and swimability/versatility as a lower price. I think these Onu shorts are aimed at the techwear enthusiast who doesn’t necessarily need shorts that double as swimwear. Definitely go over to Onus website and checkout some of their other techwear clothing though, as these shorts are not all that they offer.


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