Olivers Passage Pant Review

Today we’re taking a look at Olivers Apparel Passage Pants. These are Olivers most popular pants and from the looks of their website, their best selling product overall. Although I have also reviewed their ‘convoy tee’ and it is still one of my favourite merino wool t-shirts. You can watch the review by clicking in the top right corner.

The Passage Pants come in 9 colours and the pair I first tried here is the ‘dark navy’ colour. In a size 31, however the size 31 was quite a bit too large for me. So I exchanged them for a size 30 and the ‘blue steel’ colour. When I compare both the ‘dark navy’ and the ‘blue steel’ to my Outlier Slim Dungarees in ‘Bluetint grey’ I find that it appears to be most similar to the ‘dark navy’. The ‘blue steel’ is slightly more light than the ‘dark navy’. However I like both colour and in fact all the colours on the website look great.

In terms of sizing, I usually wear between a 30 and 31. I originally went for size 31 but it was really quite loose through my waist and even with a belt felt a bit too loose for me. The size 30 fits me perfectly around the waist without a belt. Although they are slim cut pants. They feel a little tighter than pants I would usually wear but they are made from a 4 ways stretch cordura fabric that is very stretchy. So they never feel restrictive. Across the waist size is about 15.75″ on the size 30. The leg opening is quite narrow too at 6.5″ across.

These pants are made from a strong and durable Cordura fabric with 4 way stretch. And they have a built in crotch gusset which all go towards making these a really comfortable pair of pants to wear in any situation. Unfortunately they don’t have any kind of water resistance or water resistant coating. However they do try extremely quickly. I hung them out in the sun for about 20 minutes and they were bone dry.

The cordura fabric feels slightly thinner than the fabric used on the Outlier Slim Dungarees and isn’t woven in the same grid-like way. But it still feels nice in the hand and feels hardwearing. I noticed the material does make a slight swishy sound while walking in quiet areas if your legs are close together. However in everyday use I never noticed this sound but its just something to note. These pants are probably best suited to medium to warmer climates.

These pants have some really nice fine details as well that feel very premium. In particular the rubber tipped zipper pull on the fly is very comfortable and smooth to use. It doesn’t catch and tucks away nicely. The coin pocket is also quite large and off to the outer edge rather than the inner edge as coin pockets usually are. This made them a great place to store my sunglasses while out and about.

Finally they come in at USD$148 which is about AUD$215. Which is $50 cheaper than Outliers Slim Dungarees which are probably the closest competitor to these pants. Overall a really nice pair of pants and I frequently find myself reaching for these over my Outliers recently. As they fit nicely and are great especially in the warmer weather.


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