Olivers All Over Shorts Review

Size: S
Colour: Graphite (Dark Navy)

The All over shorts by olivers apparel are advertised as a 21st century gym short. They’re made in California with a 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex 4 way stretch water resistant techwear material. In my testing they are certainly live up to this claim. The water beads right off the fabric as you can see here and it is very stretchy so no matter how large your thighs are they’ll be comfortable.

Speaking of sizing, I got the size Small. I personally feel that it’s still a bit big for me around the thighs especially you can see a fair amount of loose material. If there were a size XS then I think it would the be perfect fit for smaller guys such as myself.

The pockets are made from a material that is breathable so even if you go swimming or get water in the pockets it will drain out. I haven’t had a chance to test it in the water swimming yet but they do dry exceptionally fast thanks to the techwear fabric. The right pocket has a coin or key pocket which you can keep small items from hitting other items. I think a small zippered pocket somewhere would have been nice too especially if you’re using them for jogging.

One of the only problems I experienced with these shorts was that they’d build up a fair amount of static charge. Especially when taking them off and putting them on. But overall they’re very comfortable and well made.

Finally the price is pretty good at $68 USD it’s quite a bit cheaper than some of other brands alternatives and especially considering that it’s made in the USA. Overall if you’re looking for a pair of shorts that can do more than just gym work then I’d definitely suggest checking out the all over shorts.


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