OLight Baton 3 Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Baton 3 which is a rechargeable 1200 lumen LED flashlight from a company called OLight. I was provided this sample for review but this is an independent review. Also OLight is having a sale starting today and going until the end of September so be sure to check the links in the description for the sale prices. Theres also a code to use when the sale is over, or for non sale items to get 10% off.

So starting with the case. When I first saw this product picture I thought it was some kind of flask bottle but when you look closer you can see its actually a battery case which magnetically attaches your Baton 3 inside and charges it up to an additional 3.7 times. The Baton 3 comes in 3 colours, black, red which I have here and orange. To get a few more specs out of the way. Its 1200 lumens and has a throw of 166 meters. Theres a magnet on the end too which allows you to attach it to metal surfaces.

It has 5 total brightness settings in addition to a strobe mode. Its worth noting that it only gives quick access to ‘low’ ‘medium’ and ‘high’ from the regular presses. To get moonlight (lowest brightness) or turbo (highest brightness) it requires some long presses. The strobe is a triple press. The lowest setting is 0.5 lumens and lasts for up to 20 days. Low is 12 lumens and lasts 33 hours. Medium is 60 lumens for 7.5 hours and high is 300 lumens for 95 minutes. Theres a turbo mode which is 1200 lumens for 1.5 minutes then drops to 300 lumens for 75 minutes.

To me one of the attractive features of all OLight designs is this universal clip that they use. It allows the light to be clipped facing forward or backwards. That means you can attach it to the peak of a cap and use it as a makeshift headlamp or to the corner of your pants or bag to illuminate your path.

I found the texture on the side to be very easy to grip and it feels comfortable in the hand. The button to turn the light on and off is on the side and I often found myself taking a few extra seconds to turn it on or off because I got used to flashlights with a button on the rear. Its a nice click button that works well though.

Finally the case is very nice and the colour is really great. But I can see how it might be a bit bulky for EDC. Luckily they sell a separate, smaller magnetic charger that can connect to the rear and charge from a power bank if you wanted a smaller kit. Overall a really great flashlight with a lot of features. It feels very well built and durable and will definitely last for a long time.


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