Nitecore Tini2 Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Tini2 from Nitecore. This is a very small and lightweight rechargeable keychain flashlight that is surprisingly powerful for its size. It weighs just 18.8g (0.66oz) and recharges via USB-C. It also have a very useful OLED display to show how much battery time is remaining and what lumen setting you’re on.

The light operates in two modes. The first is called ‘demo’ mode which basically means it’ll auto shut off after 30 seconds no matter what lumen you’re on. And the second is ‘daily’ mode, which keeps the light on until its turned off (or runs out of battery) Speaking of the battery, its 280 mah and lasts a maximum of 60 hours on the ultraslow 1 lumen setting. Theres also 4 more settings. Low which is 15 lumens and runs for 8 hours, medium which is 65 lumens and runs for 2 and a half hours and high (200 lumen) which last up to 45 minutes. To access the maximum turbo brightness of 500 lumens you have to press and hold the mode button, and that will only last a max of 15 minutes. Also accessing the ultra-low mode is achieved by pressing and holding the power button. Without long pressing anything the light cycles through the 3 middle modes, low medium and high.

In my use its been very handy to have such a compact light that also recharges via usb-c. There are a lot of situations that having a light like this is more useful than using the light on your iPhone. For one thing it will save power on your phone by using a separate light. And having access to the turbo settings allows a more floodlight effect which can be useful in certain situations in the dark or while camping. Having the OLED screen is one of my favourite parts of this light and is very useful for knowing when to recharge and how long you have left to use the light.

The light is also very well made, and is waterproof and impact resistant. If I were to find any way to improve the experience of using this light, it would be to add a clip or offer an additional way to attach it to a cap. Then it could be used as a makeshift headlamp which I think would make it even more useful. It comes in at USD$39.95 and about AUD$59 which I think may sound like a lot for such a small light but it really is extremely high quality and the combination of modern features like the OLED screen and USB-C charging mean it will last for a long time and remain a useful part of your everyday carry.


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