Nitecore NU25 UL

Today we’re taking a look at the new NU25 UL from Nitecore. The UL stands for Ultra Light in this version. They also have an updated NU25 that has the same elastic headband as the original too if you prefer that. Whats great about the UL version is that it is very lightweight at just 45g (1.59oz). It also now has an additional white and red LED for more brightness and both a floodlight and spotlight function. It puts out a max 400 lumens and has a glow in the dark headband. But perhaps the best new addition is that is now charges via USB-C which makes it very versatile and easy to bring along with you.

So why should you consider this over just using your smartphones light? You might be asking. There are a few advantages to using an separate flashlight. The first is that you won’t run your phones battery down in emergency situations. Another is that this is a headlamp, so you can light up a room while keeping your hands free. And finally, my favourite, is that there’s a red light, which doesn’t hurt your eyes at night and that’s something smartphone lights can’t do unless you use the screen.

The buttons on the top are a bit bigger and easier to press than the old ones which is a big improvement. Another big improvement over the old one is the addition of the 4 battery level LEDs. A quick press on the power button lights up the LEDs to show the approximate battery remaining. I have been using this every morning and evening for around 15 to 30 minutes per day, usually in the red light mode. The battery used in this way has lasted several months before needing to charge. Using the white lights will likely draw more power though. The red light is 10 lumens and has a rating of 16 hours. Heres a chart of the the rest of the runtime ratings.

The two buttons also act as shortcuts to certain light settings. Pressing and holding the left mode when the light is off turns on the red LEDs. A quick double press on the right power button while the light is off turns on the floodlight to the ‘ultralow’ setting. Pressing both buttons at the same time turns on the lock mode so it won’t accidentally turn on in your bag or pocket.

In terms of actual usage, the lights are very bright and having the option of red, flood and spotlight functions make it very versatile. To show what it looks like at night here’s me cycling through the settings. We have solid red, flashing red. Floodlight ultralow, low, mid. Spotlight, low, mid. Then both, low, mid, high. There is also an SOS mode and a beacon mode. Double pressing the mode button gives you the SOS flashing. While in that mode a single press on the power button switches to beacon mode. And just quickly, here is it compared to the original NU25 you can see its much improved.

The new UL headband is actually very comfortable and easy to wear and even wearing it for longer periods of time I never really felt it to be uncomfortable. This light is also 1m impact resistant and has IP66 water resistance. So wearing it in the rain will be fine. Its definitely built to last.

Overall a really great improvement over the original NU25 and will certainly have a place in my everyday carry for all of my future trips.


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