NatureHike Pocket Blanket Review

Today we’re taking a quick look and comparison of the NatureHike Pocket Blanket / packable picnic mat. This is essentially a thin nylon material that is double sided waterproof and is very small and lightweight. Its great for if you go hiking or camping and need a dry place to sit or set up something like a picnic for example. 

In the video I compare the small and medium size. I think the small is big enough for 1 person and their bag but not their legs. The medium is enough for 1 person fully with their feet hanging off but probably enough for 2 people to have a picnic sitting cross legged. 

Overall I think its an interesting product, very similar to the Matador Pocket Blanket but at a much more affordable price point. If you’re in the market for such an item I definitely suggest checking it out. 


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