MP Magic Socks Review

Today we’re taking a look at a few pairs of socks from a company called MP Magic. I have 3 pairs that the company sent me out for review. But my thoughts and opinions are my own. The first pair is the MP Premium Antibacterial Socks, the MP Ankle Antibacterial socks and the one that I was most interested in – the Merino Wool Socks. The MP Magic socks claim to fame is that they use a specially developed fibre that kills odorous bacteria. So far in my months of testing I can say that this does seem to hold true.

I’ll start off with the ankle socks because I often wear this style of socks. My favourite pair of ankle socks is the Darn Tough socks that I’m comparing them to in this clip. The MP Ankle socks are really well made and have a nice firm elastic grip around the foot. I found them comfortable to wear and didn’t notice any odours at the end of the day. The only problem I had with them was that the back of the heel doesn’t curve upwards like it does on my Darn Tough socks. This just means that when I wear certain shoes like my Nike Free Rns here, they can rub against my heel which can get a bit painful.

Moving on to the Premium Antibacterial socks, I really liked the way these fit. I wear a size Medium in Darn Tough and for these ones the size is L/XL but still a very firm fit. They have elastic that goes around the foot to hold it in place. Each sock has a left and right marking too but I don’t think it necessarily matters which foot you put it on. These socks were nice and lightweight not too thick nor too thin.

Finally the Merino Wool Socks, these are quite a thick and high sock compared with my other Darn Tough socks. They’re made from a substantial 82% merino which is great. They also have left and right foot markings but I don’t think it particularly matters. The size I wear in these is S/M. These merino socks are USD$19 a pair which is a bit cheaper than a comparably thick and cushioned pair of Darn Tough socks. So I definitely think they’re worth checking out.

Overall these socks are all comfortable and feel well made and durable. They don’t smell bad after wearing for a few days and they are competitively priced. I’d certainly recommend checking them out if you’re in the market for some new socks.


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