Mogics Bagel Review

This is a Mogics Bagel Review. I have been using the Mogics Bagel for about 3 to 4 months and I really enjoy its flexibility and ease of use. Unlike standard travel adapters this one has multiple inputs making it more of a universal power strip. There are two version available. The Mogics Donut for the US market with only US input plugs. And the Mogics Bagel which is for all other countries. It has 4 universal inputs and 1 US only input. But both of these offer a mini universal adapter in the middle that pops out to plug on the end of the cord.

Once popped out you can see why they call it the Donut and Bagel. It looks very much like its namesake. It has a 3 foot cord (92cm) which is also extremely useful. Many standard universal adapters are too large to fit into the sockets of different countries. So having the option to extend the input it really handy. And I can already foresee it being very useful. 

While there is no grounding in the plug itself it does accommodate grounded plugs. The UK plug for example comes standard with a grounding pin and this fits nicely between the crevices of the bagel. Although you will need to fully extend the cable before it will fit. 

Overall I am very happy with the Mogics Bagel and am looking forward to using it on more trips. I do with they offered a grounded version but for now its really an interesting and unique idea that I hope becomes more common. 


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