MOFT: Laptop Stand Review

This is a review of the Moft laptop stand from which I recently supported on kickstarter. However Moft did reach out to me a few days ago. And we’ve decided decided to do a giveaway of a Moft stand in a colour of your choice! So stay tuned to the end of the video for details.

The Moft stand is a great idea and when I first saw it I knew I wanted to try it out. I use a laptop stand while working at home and the idea of a portable stand that attaches to the laptop directly without adding any bulk really appeals to me. It’s an easy installation process. You just peel off the sticker at that back of the stand and align it to the upper part of the hinge of the laptop. The adhesive is strong and somewhat reusable. You can peel it off and put it back on or onto another laptop without much degradation in adhesive strength.

While using the stand it is very stable. However if you press at the very top upper areas of your laptop. Like where the Escape key is, it flexes down a bit. Although this is more apparent in the 2nd lower notch. So in the top upper areas it feels a bit wobbly at the upper corners but you wont notice that while typing. Especially while your wrists are leaning on the bottom keeping it more firm.

The stand has 2 levels of height. The first fold is the highest at about 25 degrees and 8cm (3 inch). The second fold is the lower one. At 15 degrees or 5cm (2in). I prefer this slightly lower notch as I find it more comfortable for typing. The 1st higher notch is quite comfortable for screen viewing and gives a more comfortable neck position. Typing at this higher position is quite good but it’s all personal preference as to which height you’ll prefer.

Finally at a retail price of $24 USD it may seem somewhat high but for the quality and minimal lightweightness of this stand I think the price is worth it. It comes in 5 colours. The colour I have here is the ‘space grey’. It fits any laptop from 11.6” to 15.6” as long as the bottom of the laptop doesn’t have vents that would be blocked by the stand.


MOFT: Laptop stand giveaway


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