Mid 2018 Update

I wanted to give you a quick mid 2018 update and let you know where things are at. First of all, a big thank you to all of my subscribers, I’ve finally hit my original goal of 5000 subscribers and I really do appreciate all of your support and comments. I guess my next goal is 10k and then ultimately 100k.

I have also opened an instagram tv account on the Packing Lite instagram account. So I’m looking for suggestions of what kind of content to show on it. I’m thinking maybe spur of the moment food reviews or something. But please do let me know your suggestions down below.

There are many more products I have planned for review in the coming weeks and months. I also plan to do a ‘daily’ pack list of what I carry every day to and from work.

Finally I am planning to relaunch the ‘KeepFold’ backpack which I developed last year but which failed on kickstarter. I’m planning to mostly keep it the same with minor tweaks and perhaps launch it together with a 30 to 35 litre version as well for those who need a bit more room. Do let me know in the comments if you have an suggestions for that too.


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