Merino Wool Buff Review

The merino wool buff is essentially a tube of stretchy merino wool that can be worn in a large variety of ways. I take this with my on all my trips whether they’re in hot countries or cold, it’s very versatile. I personally use this buff in 3 main ways. In order of most used.

    1. Scarf. Simply put over your head and let it hang naturally. If it’s really windy you can also lift up the edges over your ears to keep them warm. You can also pull it up over your face and wear it somewhat like a mask.
    2. Eye mask. Simply fold it over a few times and place it over your eyes. It doesn’t feel too tight when it’s over you eyes and I find it much more effective than any other eye mask I’ve tried.
    3. Beanie. The last way is as a beanie, all you need to do it twist it in the middle and then fold the top over itself and pull it over your head. Then you have a nice warm beanie.

From left to right: Scarf, eye mask, beanie

Even in hot weather this buff can be used as a bandana to keep the sun off your face and neck. This is because the merino wool feels cool in the hot weather and warm in the cold weather, it’s a very adaptable piece. The buff is made from quite a thin merino and it is very tightly woven so it’s very soft and doesn’t feel itchy at all. Even if you stretch it quite far over your head multiple times it still seems to revert back to its original size. I haven’t really noticed it feeling saggy after months of use.

So the good points about this buff are that it’s made from merino wool. This means that it’s naturally odor resistant and can be worn several times before needing to be washed. It’s also very lightweight and compressible, it rolls up to smaller than a pair of socks. Finally, it dries very quickly.

It’s not all good though. Here are some of the negatives I’ve noticed. The merino is quite thin so it’s quite delicate and needs to be hand washed or it might get stretched out in the washing machine. The wool is on the thinner side but this doesn’t diminish its warmth. Finally it’s on the more expensive side although for all it can do, it’s well worth it.

Overall a staple piece in my bag and I wouldn’t travel anywhere without it. It’s better than an eye mask and scarf and more compact than both.


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