Manfrotto Mini Pixi vs Xiletu XS-20

Hello travellers. Today I wanted to do a quick comparison between the Manfrotto vs Xiletu mini tripods. I wanted a small tabletop tripod that wasn’t too heavy for when I was travelling and needed to get a talking head type of shot. The most commonly recommended tripod for this is the Manfrotto Mini Pixi. And so I ordered this to try out. But immediately upon opening it, I thought it felt a bit too heavy, it was a bit expensive and had basically no features. The build quality is excellent but theres not much adjustability on it. 

So as I searched more I came across the Xiletu XS-20. This was half the price of the Manfrotto and has several more features and is lighter weight! So I ended up ordering it and it has quickly become my favourite mini tabletop tripod and the best mini tripod for travel. The Manfrotto weighs 192g (6.7oz) while the Xiletu weighs only 145g (5.1oz). The Xiletu costs half of what the Manfrotto does and it has at least 2 extra features lacking on from the Manfrotto.

Both the Xiletu and the Manfrotto stands were able to comfortably support my Olympus camera with a pro lens. A total combined weight of about 800g (28oz) and even at a 90 degree angle the Xiletu held the camera steady. Both stands were acceptable as a phone holder as well. However I wish either stand had a quick release plate of some type. The most annoying thing with both stands is having to screw it on when you want to use it.

The Xiletu has 2 leg height adjustments, which can be accessed by twisting the base. And it has the ability to tilt the camera 90 degrees. This is something only the larger and more expensive versions of the Manfrotto’s stands have. The only thing I preferred on the Manfrotto stand was the push button adjustment for the ball head. The Xiletu has a screw to adjust the ball head. But for the price I think the Xiletu is excellent value and has a nice set of features and a nice lightweight yet durable design.


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