Laowa 7.5mm vs SLR 8mm

Today I wanted to do just a quick comparison between the Laowa 7.5mm vs the SLR Magic 8mm micro four thirds lenses. In the video I set the Olympus omd em5 m3 stabilisation to setting 1. Which uses the digital and sensor shift to stabilise the image. On the Olympus you have to set the stabilisation to the lenses focal length. So for the 7.5mm I set the stabilisation accordingly. 

In the video you can still see theres some warping corners which is something I’m not sure that can be fixed unless you used a gimbal. I didnt notice any warping while using the Olympus 12-40mm at 12mm nor the 17mm 1.8. I might have to play around with the settings a bit more to see if theres some setting that will make it less warpy. 

Overall the 7.5mm definitely seems sharper and clearer overall but the 8mm seems a little cloudy and soft. But for the price its quite good. But not as good as the Laowa. 


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